Introduction to Computer Programming

Homework 2

In this exercise you will make use of some of the most common elements of most web pages: hyperlinks and images.


Your goal is to create a web page which highlights your personal interests, while also demonstrating that you can use the HTML tags that we have learned so far, including links and images.

Your web page should include the following:

  1. Your name, somewhere at the top of the page.
  2. Title: the page should have an appropriate tab title using the "TITLE" tag.
  3. Structure: The document should have appropriate opening and closing "HTML", "HEAD", and "BODY" tags.
  4. An appropriate main heading, using the "H1" tag.
  5. An introduction paragraph giving an overview description of the rest of the page.
  6. A link to the web site you visit most.
  7. A link to the web site folder where we have been getting assignments (eg. where did you get this homework assignment?)
  8. A link to this assignment itself ( Homework02.html).
  9. A link to the web page you made for the previous assignment (eg. "AdaL01.html", but with your name, not Ada's).
  10. A link to Khan Academy.
  11. A link to the site where you usually get your weather information.
  12. A link to the site where you usually get daily news, either local or national.
  13. A link to your prefered search engine.
  14. An ordered list of items, such as your favorite classes (or favorite something).
  15. An unordered list of ... something (anything).
  16. An image served from a remote site.
  17. An image served locally (from the same folder as your HTML file). See the end of the assignment for instructions regarding the name of this file.
  18. An image which has its height set to exactly 247 pixels.
  19. An image of something you have created, such as a painting or photograph.
The web page you submit must satisfy all of the conditions above, but you do not have to have separate items for each of the conditions. It might be possible for you to satisfy two or more of the conditions above with just one item.

Links must be clearly visible and have appropritate link text (or in the case of an image which is a link, appropriate mouseover text using the "title" attribute). Hidden links won't be counted.

Your web page must have at least the required items listed above, but it can also have more than just the minimum of required items listed above.

If you have any questions about the assignment or about the terminoligy used above then be sure to ask questions before the due date.


The name of the file for this web page should be your first name, followed by your last initial, followed by the two digits "02". The file extension should be ".html". So, for example, a student by the name of Grace Hopper would create a file called "GraceH02.html".

To submit your assignment you should print a copy of the source code file, and print a copy of the resulting "output" (what it looks like in a browser). Staple the two together, with the ouput page on top, and put your name on the top of the first page.

You should also upload a copy of your file to

And you also need to upload copies of any images served "locally" by your web page. The names of any images files that goe with your assignment should also have names constructed from your first and last name and the digits "02", with the letters "a", "b", "c" etc appended. The file name extensions can be ".jpg" or ".png" or ".gif". For example, if Grace Hopper's submission included two image files they could be named "GraceH02a.jpg" and "GraceH02b.png" (with the extensions chosen to match the type of image file).