Introduction to Computer Programming

Homework 1

In this exercise you will practices some simple HTML markup by creating a "Description List"


The goal of this exercise is to create a web page which lists guidelines for properly preparing written homework assignments (as, for example, in math or science class).

Your document should include the following:

  1. Structure: The document should have appropriate opening and closing "HTML", "HEAD", and "BODY" tags.
  2. Title: the page should have an appropriate tab title using the "TITLE" tag.
  3. Heading: use the H1 tag to create an appropriate page title
  4. Introduction: the page should have a brief paragraph at the begining which describes the purpose of the document (just as this page does).
  5. List of items, as a Description List (use the "DL" tag). For each item: Items to include in the list are:
    1. Name
    2. Class name
    3. Date
    4. Assignment
    5. Pencil (prefered over pen)
    6. Paper (what kind to use or avoid)
    7. Stapled (always, if more than one page)
    8. what else...?
You can learn more about the use of the Description List tags from W3Schools.


The name of the file for this web page should be your first name, followed by the initial letter of your last name, followed by the two digits "01". The file extension should be ".html". So, for example, a student by the name of Ada Lovelace would create a file called "AdaL01.html".

To submit your assignment you should print a copy of the source code file, and print a copy of the resulting "output" (what it looks like in a browser). Staple the two together, with the ouput page on top, and put your name on the top of the first page.

You should also upload a copy of your file to