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Please Take My Picture!

"Hello, would you please take a photo? You do not have to push any buttons. I will start the timer, and then you just hold the camera steady until the countdown is finished. Thanks!"

This works better than asking someone to take your picture, telling them to "just push the button", and then they push the Home button and exit the app.

If you don't speak the local language, press "Please Take My Picture" to select a page that has the same instructions translated into Rusian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, or Dutch. All translations have been written or reviewed by native speakers.

The timer delay can be set from 0 to 99 seconds. The app can remember the timer setting between uses, or it can reset to a selectable default value each time it is started.

The countdown is shown on the screen, and there is an audible warning before the picture is taken - either beeps or a child saying "Say Cheese!"

Pictures are saved to the Camera Roll, just like the Camera app. Use the Photos app to send them to friends and family via e-mail or MMS, or to delete pictures. Use iPhoto to get the pictures from your iPhone to your computer.

The controls are simple and are similar to the standard Camera app. Detailed instructions are available via the "Help" button on the Settings page.

Please use the Support Page to share interesting stories about how you used this app, to request a language translation, to volunteer to provide a translation, or to report a problem with one of the translations.


What's New

Now easier to use, and looks better too!

Simply press "Please Take My Picture" on the camera screen to go directly to a foreign language request page (the last one you selected).

Other improvements in version 2.0:

  • Remembers the language selected for request pages.
  • Easier to select language, by name (or by browsing, as before).
  • All settings are now on a single page.
  • Timer mode button removed. (Set the timer to "00" to take a picture immediately.)
  • Request pages load faster (and only as needed).
  • Updated for iOS 6 and Retina displays.

  • Instructions

    The following settings let you adjust the controls to your liking:
    • "Big Digits" puts the timer countdown on the screen in big semi-transparant digits.
    • "Toolbar" puts the timer countdown in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.
    Remember Timer:
    • "On" remembers the timer setting for next time.
    • "Off" resets to a default each time. Use the Settings app to set the default.
    Unverified Translations:
    • "Off" only uses request pages written or reviewed by native speakers.
    • "On" also allows request pages not yet verified by native speakers.

    Please keep in mind that while the unverified translations might be better than nothing, they may not be gramatically or semantically correct, and could lead to your personal embarrassment. I will try to replace them with proper translations written or reviewed by native speakers as I am able to do so.

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   Last modified: 19 July 2013