Eric Myers'
iPhone Atelier


Little Doodles

Finger painting made easy for all ages! With no mess.

Little Doodles is an empty canvas, waiting to be filled by your child's creativity.

Simple interface with no menus. Just draw with your fingers. Ideal for small children.

Tap a corner to select the drawing color. Tap corners twice for other colors. 8 colors in all.

Turn face down and shake to clear the picture. Anything you have already drawn is saved to the Camera Roll (iPhone) or Saved Photos (iPad/iPod).

When you exit, anything that you have drawn is saved to the Camera Roll or Saved Photos album.

The size of the corner buttons and the width used for drawing can be set in the Settings App.

Warning! This application may make it easy for you to hand over an expensive device to a four-year old who may not treat it as carefully as you would. We are not responsible for what that four-year old does to your iPhone or iPad.


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